The 15th

Today is pregnancy, infant, and child loss awareness day. we are lighting a candle tonight at 7:00 in remembrance of Leo and all the little ones who went to heaven earlier than we were expecting.

2 weeks ago my wife gave birth to our precious little baby girl, Zoe. In that time, I have witnessed my wife Angela gain back a bit of her spark. Seeing this has done my heart some good.

When Leo passed, we both lost something. It’s difficult to be part of and watch the fire of life go out in someone you love. Baby Leo, you taught us so much about life, but it did come at a cost that can never be repaid. Baby Zoe, you are a treasure that adds some life into our hearts!



cropped-image11.jpgWelcome and thank you for visiting my blog.  In April of 2013 my wife and I lost our son to SIDS. I decided to write about my feelings and experiences to share with you all because dealing with this alone would be crazy. Here you will read my raw, uncut honest thoughts. I hope that in some way my journey can help someone else as they deal with tragedy.

At about 2 am on Wednesday, April 11, 2013 our world was shattered by the sudden passing of our 3 1/2 week old son, Leo.

This blog is my way of remembering our baby son and how I am doing trying to moved forward. I will always love you, Baby Leo.

Love, dad