He is surrounded by love

Tonight the pastor of our church was telling me about how he was thinking about Leo while on a hike this weekend.   Hearing this brought me close to tears because I love hearing that somebody was thinking about Leo and reflecting on his short life.  Then the pastor said “you know, he really is surrounded by love.”  This was the line we had written on a bracelet we had passed out at Leo’s services. 

You know what I believe people who are grieving a loss want to hear from others, they want to hear that people were/are thinking about the person who passed away.  They want to hear how much their son, daughter, mother, father, etc. meant to the person who is sharing the memory.   
To know that 2 3/4 years after my boy passed on someone was just randomly thinking about him warms my heart.

Thanks Ed! You helped start my 2016 on the right path 🙂