Simpler Times


I feel the need to complain about silly stuff again. Silly family stuff, silly work stuff. After Leo passed, I didn’t care about any of that junk. I had a very “who cares” attitude. Lately, the small things are bugging me again. The funny thing is that I was happier when I didn’t care. Don’t get me wrong, I was and still am beyond sad for the loss of my little boy. However, things seemed simpler after Leo passed. Stuff either mattered or it didn’t.

Life is starting to feel messy again. I need to find my way back to the simpler times.

I pray to you Lord today
to take my simple worries away
so that I may
again focus
on the bigger picture.


Oh the pain!!!!

So, I guess I can cry again? I have been feeling very emotional lately and I seem to relate to every song. I’ll just be drivin down the road singin whatever. Then, some line hits home and I’m tearin up.

I guess it’s good to know that my tear ducts do work…

The Jesus Effect

You are the very greatest
You are a force without boundaries
You are perfect in every way
You are love manifest

Lead my family
Show us the best way to honor you
Watch over my children both here and in Heaven
We trust you

Open my heart to your love
Heal my hands
Build up my life as I walk with you
I’m more alive now than ever before

With you I feel new
It sinks in
It changes me
With you I feel brave