It is finally time for re-

I am now at a point where I need to rebuild my life. After Leo, the hemmoraging in my life was 10 fold. The amount of junk I have brought back in my life was necessary as I slowly have gone through the labyrinth of sadness and grief.

The walls I rebuilt must now be torn down! I have come to a crossroads.

I owe it to Leo and the rest of my family to build myself back up. I gave my life to Jesus and now I give Jesus my baggage. Jesus, please help me become the man I can be. A man my son would be proud of.

Lame Day

I’ve noticed that I just don’t have the same drive that I once had. I would like to say that now I see the beauty in life and that I I have learned to never take this world for granted but in truth I just don’t see the point in working so hard to just get to the same point.

What will happen will happen…

I guess I’m just a little pissed off today and over the bullshit.

Losing a child sucks!
It just sucks.

There are no “at leasts” or “you’ll get over its” that really help me.

Lose your baby then come talk to me.

I feel lame today.

Save me Jesus.

The End of a Season

Goodbye Sanibelle,

Many thanks to my father, God! He led me to this home where I was able to let go of my past, start my family with Angela, and find my faith in Jesus.

My first 3 children called Sanibelle their home. We had so many good times here; playing dollys and watching kid shows like Dora and princess movies.

Sadly, this is also the place where I last saw my son alive before he was rushed off to the hospital and later passed. I will never forget that night. I love youso much my beautiful baby boy. I miss you with all my heart and I ecstatic to see you again in Heaven.

If your spirit is still here, please go with us on the rest of our Journey. The days are sad, but they will be happy again.

Goodbye Sanibelle…