As I sit here I am reflecting on the last three months. It has been a crazy time full of so many unexpected situations. I feel that God has put many of these situations in my path to open my heart. I am not as cynical as I once was. I appreciate the small things and I have learned to let go of the silly stuff in life.


As my family pushes further onto this journey since the passing of our little baby Leo I have been feeling this magnetic calling from God to help others. Through Leo, Jesus has split open my soul and released me from these chains that I had unknowingly lived in my whole life.

Thank you Lord.

3 months

Three months ago today, my sweet baby Leo returned to Heaven and three weeks ago today, my father-in-law Augie passed. It has been a bitter sweet past few months. I am sad that they are gone from us, but happy to know that they are together.

I am in awe of how my son still seems to be working in people. I cant fully explain how much I Miss him. It hurts me physically. I miss him more than I ever thought I could ever miss someone. I miss him waking Angela and I up at all hours of the night. I miss his face and holding him in my arms. I miss him peeing all over Angela when she would change him (yes, I changed him as well and no he did not pee on me).

Honestly what I miss most was how excited and proud Alyssa and Lily were of their baby brother.

He has been gone longer than he was here, but boy oh boy did he leave his footprint on this world and on my heart.

I am changed forever… Thank you son for teaching me so many lessons.



Sitting at Journey
Thinking about Jesus
Paying my tribute to what was done for us

Asking for grace
Asking for patience
Asking for guidance
Asking for love

Sitting here
Sippin my Americana
Praying for protection for my family
Praying for victory in the community

Praying for Alyssa
Praying for Lily
Praying for Leo

Praying for Angela
Praying for my parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers, family, friends, community, and passersby

Will I be the same 25 years from now
Will I be transformed
Will I be made new
Will I be better, more Jesus-like

Work through me Lord
Work through me
Work through me

I am open
I am listening
I am here

Goodbye Grandpa Augie

On June 20, 2013 my wife’s father passed in his sleep. He has diabetes which had caused his feet to swell. It was hard for him to get around without a walker or cane. Augie was on dialysis at home.

We had just found out a week before that Leo’s death had officially been ruled SIDS. Life was just becoming somewhat normal when we found out about Augie. Passing in his sleep seemed oddly similar to how Leo passed. Augie took it hard when he found out about his grandson in April. He actually wrote on Leo’s casket “See you soon. Grandpa”. It’s strange but I know that Augie wanted to go be with his grandson up in heaven. I feel like he and Leo are happy there.

Here, the family has been a wreck. There has been a lot of negative feelings and emotions swirling around the passing of Augie. I pray that God puts our lives back together so that we may move on from these tragic events.